Sustainability and responsibility at GEMÜ

"It is our mutual understanding at the GEMÜ Group that economical, ecological and social sustainability and integrity form the basis of our company's success."


- Gert Müller -
Managing Partner

Voluntary commitment, certification and ecological sustainability

The very first GEMÜ product in 1964, a plastic solenoid valve, combined economical and material-saving aspects: 50% less material and a significantly longer service life than conventional valves. The company founder, Fritz Müller, and his employees abided by this sustainable approach, and the next generation, Gert and Stephan Müller, continues to pursue it. In 2011, all ecological activities were consolidated under the GREEN ENGINEERING initiative. The premise of this initiative is that GEMÜ will use as little material and energy as possible for developing, manufacturing, processing and transporting its products. As part of certification in accordance with ISO 14001, these indicators are also audited by external experts for the sites with the highest distribution quantities.


Organic growth and social responsibility

Our range of services spans from the research & development, advice on and manufacture of valves, measurement and control systems right up to after-sales services. Thanks to its wide product range and the application knowledge of GEMÜ employees, GEMÜ is continually growing in a sustainable manner. Its proximity to the market means that trends in process engineering are addressed early on. An example of this is the GEMÜ CONEXO RFID system.

In keeping with the slogan "Local Roots, Global Network", the Group also supports associations, events, campaigns and initiatives all over the world. Examples of activities in the areas of promoting the next generation, sport and culture can be found in our brochure on sustainability.


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