GEMÜ Service

GEMÜ Service

Customer satisfaction does not arise solely from the punctual delivery of a functional product. In reality, it comes from a whole series of factors, starting with the optimal product range and the corresponding product documentation, right through to sophisticated technical support.


In this respect, GEMÜ supports plant designers and end users in the optimal design of valves, measurement and control systems and their assembly if required. Position indicators, electrical position indicators and positioners and process controllers can even be pre-installed ex works, for example and precisely adjusted to the valves. The measurement systems are also generally pre-installed or initialized. On-site installation or commissioning in the plant can also be performed on request.

Remote maintenance

All the current software versions for measurement and control systems are available on the website at all times. Alternatively, GEMÜ can also perform remote maintenance. If necessary, our service centre colleagues can carry out the update directly on location as well.


GEMÜ is known for its high-quality products that are updated and optimized time and again. Spare and wearing parts are therefore available for years or are replaced by equivalent components. In addition to ordering spare parts, customers also have the option to order the expansion, modification and installation of valves and measurement and control components.

Diaphragm changing

We will happily compile a specific training programme for our customers to help them familiarize themselves with the performance capabilities of our products and operate them in a process-reliable way. This also comprises a special module for service and maintenance personnel and further education for authorized service trainers. The key here is safely changing the diaphragm in diaphragm valves.