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Do you need to return products received from GEMÜ e.g. for technical inspection?

Your contact person will be happy to help.

To allow us to process your returns as quickly as possible, we kindly request the following details in advance:

  • Article and order data
  • Information on area of application
  • Remarks/reason for return

We will use this information to produce a goods return declaration, which we use to track and allocate goods internally.

Please complete the declaration, mark the relevant warning labels with a cross and attach the signed form to the outside of your package.

This helps to protect our employees, particularly from contact with unknown media. For this reason, we would also kindly request that you carefully clean/decontaminate any products which have already been used.

Unfortunately, we cannot process shipments without a completed goods return declaration until the contents of the shipment have been clarified. Thank you for your understanding.