Compliance at GEMÜ

Compliance at GEMÜ

"It is our mutual understanding at the GEMÜ Group that GEMÜ makes no compromises when it comes to ensuring business compliance. Behaving with integrity is a principle that guides each and every one of us – everywhere, and at all times." 

- Gert Müller -
Managing Partner


GEMÜ advocates sustainable and fair business practices. As a global enterprise with a long history, GEMÜ takes our social responsibility towards our customers, employees and the public very seriously. Constant compliance with applicable legislation worldwide, respect for ethical principles and sustainable behaviour all form part of this social responsibility.


In this context, compliance is a fundamental part of the GEMÜ strategy and must be observed by all employees. GEMÜ has introduced a variety of measures which ensure that compliance at GEMÜ is observed and implemented around the world. 

GEMÜ has developed a Compliance Programme which:

  • Preventatively avoids compliance infringements (prevention)
  • Discovers any compliance infringements as soon as possible (discovery)
  • Ends any compliance infringements immediately and effectively (response)

Code of Conduct