Compliance at GEMÜ

Responsible company management

Compliance at GEMÜ

Our aspiration, our ultimate goal: doing the right thing!

“At GEMÜ, we are very proud of our products and services. Living integrity and reliability at all levels is of utmost importance to us. That is why we never compromise when it comes to doing our business in a lawful and compliant way. Responsible behavior with integrity applies to each of us, as an overarching standard – anywhere, at any time”.

- Gert Müller -

Managing Partner

Our objectives and values

GEMÜ develops premium-quality products for demanding customers in highly sensitive sectors of industry. As an international family-owned enterprise with a long history, we are aware that our actions have far-reaching consequences. Our goal is to ensure that everything we do reflects the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.


Responsible, lawful conduct is one of the keys to our commercial success. We fulfil this prerequisite through clear internal specifications, consistent implementation and a zero tolerance approach to infringements. 

GEMÜ Group Code of Conduct

For the long-term safeguarding of our understanding of values within the Group, we have introduced the GEMÜ Code of Conduct. This is binding for all employees and also forms the basis for collaboration and dealing with business partners.

Responsible procurement

We place stringent requirements on our procurement and rely on solid long-term partnerships. The Code of Conduct for suppliers to the GEMÜ Group sets out the fundamental principles of collaboration for all business partners and is mandatory. 

Compliance whistle-blowing system

Our electronic whistle-blowing system, gives you the opportunity to anonymously flag up instances of misconduct in the following areas.

• Bribery (including attempted bribery) or corruption

• Theft

• Highly indecent social behaviour, #MeToo, discrimination, harassment

• Behaviour that violates monopolies law

• Loss of assets through embezzlement or fraud

• Misappropriation (e.g. of materials, work equipment, etc.)

• Violations of data protection law and manipulation of documents

• Violations of occupational health and safety or environmental regulations

• Behaviour that violates competition law

• Forced labour and child labour


GEMÜ Group Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for suppliers