Compliance at GEMÜ

Responsible corporate governance

Compliance at GEMÜ

Our aspiration, our ultimate goal: doing the right thing!

“At GEMÜ, we are very proud of our products and services. Living integrity and reliability at all levels is of utmost importance to us. That is why we never compromise when it comes to doing our business in a lawful and compliant way. Responsible behavior with integrity applies to each of us, as an overarching standard – anywhere, at any time”.

- Gert Müller -

Managing Partner 

Our Purpose and Values

GEMÜ develops high-quality products and offers excellent services for, inter alia,  customers in highly sensitive industry sectors. As an internationally operating family business with a long tradition, we recognize that our actions have far-reaching consequences. Our goal is to ensure that everything we do meets the highest legal, ethical and professional standards.

Our Commitment and Approach

Responsible and lawful behavior is fundamental for the sustainable economic success of GEMÜ. We conduct all business according to clear internal guidelines, consistent implementation measures and a “zero tolerance” for non-compliant behavior. 

Code of Conduct of the GEMÜ Group

The GEMÜ Code of Conduct sets the values and principles that we at GEMÜ follow in our interactions with each other and with our stakeholders, such as customers and other business partners, etc. It forms the basis of our behavior and for the public image of GEMÜ. The Code of Conduct is binding for all employees and members of the Board of Directors of GEMÜ worldwide.

Sustainable Sourcing

We aim to work with suppliers who share our values, and we expect high standards of business conduct from those who represent us or do business with us. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the GEMÜ Group set out clear and binding environmental, social and ethical expectations for all our business partners & suppliers, globally.

Compliance Whistleblowing System

Our electronic whistleblower system gives you the opportunity to report misconduct completely anonymously concerning the following issues:

• Anti-competitive behavior
• Bribery (including attempted bribery) or corruption
• Conduct in violation of antitrust law
• Damage to property through embezzlement or fraud
• Forced and child labor
• Fraud
• Grossly improper social behavior, #MeToo, discrimination, harassment
• Theft
• Violation of data protection and manipulation of documents
• Violation of occupational safety or environmental protection regulations


Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct