GEMÜ C53 iComLine

Motorized control valve

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The GEMÜ C53 iComLine 2/2-way diaphragm globe valve was developed for precise and demanding control applications in semiconductor production. The sealing concept of the valve is based on the tried and tested GEMÜ PD technology, whereby actuator and medium are separated by a PTFE regulating cone. As the regulating cone contour, actuator stroke and connection size can be customized to meet customers' requirements, the GEMÜ C53 iComLine satisfies virtually all control and flow requirements of the semiconductor industry. The precise stepper motor, in conjunction with the ultra pure body materials, is particularly suitable for lithography, CMP, and etching processes, as well as analytical applications in semiconductor production.

  • Control valve for ultra pure applications in the semiconductor industry
  • High-resolution linear actuator with stepper motor
  • Diaphragm globe valve based on the iComLine series
  • Tried and tested plug diaphragm design
  • All media wetted parts are made of PFA or PTFE
  • 1 million qualified control switching cycles
  • Cleanroom manufacturing (HP version), complies with SEMI F 57
  • Media temperature :10 to 150 °C
  • Ambient temperature:0 to 40 °C
  • Operating pressure :0 to 6 bar
  • Connection sizes:1/4'' to 3/4''
  • Body configurations:2/2-way body
  • Connection types:Flare | PrimeLock® | Super 300 Type Pillar®
  • Body materials:PFA | PTFE
  • Seal material:PTFE
  • Supply voltage:24 V DC
  • Input signals:–10 V | 4–20 mA
  • Actuating speed:Max. 2 mm/s
  • Protection class:IP65
Product overview: Multi-port valve blocks
Self-sealing joint for GEMÜ PC50 iComLine valve block solutions

Product applications

Self-sealing joint for GEMÜ PC50 iComLine valve block solutions

In the semiconductor industry, various chemicals are used for cleaning, coating and etching processes. GEMÜ PC50 iComLine valve block solutions are ideally suited to controlling these chemicals – some of which are highly aggressive – even in a limited amount of space. GEMÜ offers O-ring free connection options for connecting individual block components. Find out how GEMÜ meets the challenges of connection technology and can offer a self-sealing joint as standard in this application.

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